Belle had wanted to climb out of her shoes the instant her mother put them on. They were tight things and the top strap chained her foot to the leather. She did enjoy their daily walk to the park. It was full of so many wonders. She wanted to feel them all—the ground beneath her naked toes, the green of the grass with her fingers and cheek.

One fall day when the leaves were so crisp and the trees begged her to climb, she escaped her shoes. Her mother was a couple seconds behind her, so she sprinted towards a grand oak tree that lifted to the heavens. They sent a search party out for her, but it seemed she had disappeared into thin air.

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8 thoughts on “Beauty of Fall Leaves

  1. Hi Rhodia, I did enjoy this, the images of the green and the grass were very vivid. I loved the idea of disappearing up the tree, begs the question of a further story? After all Jack climbed a beanstalk and look where that led him….

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