A Philosophized Wikem

I dreamed once of
My leg vanished

Like a whisper of breath
Next my nose detached
Melting like so many tears

Who am I now? I whispered
My parts didn’t reply

My fingers, one by one,
Followed the trail of the moon
Another part of me gone

How can I write?
One by one my labels and duties
Left one by one

I knocked on my Muse’s door
Stories on the floor
She answered and let me in

Will you leave me too? I cried
You aren’t the sum of your body

Nor labels or hats you may wear
Stories will never leave you

Image by PetaPixel

I’m happy to announce that I’ve rejoined the Weekly Wikems, hosted by The Happy Amateur. This week’s wiki subject is philosophy, so I decided to write a surreal take on the meaning of essence. Come join in the fun 😀

Essence is the set of attributes that make an object what it fundamentally is and without which it loses its identity. Essence is contrasted with accident: a property that the substance has contingently, without which the substance can still retain its identity. -Wikipedia on Philosophy


1 thought on “A Philosophized Wikem

  1. I like your take on essence…stories that are to become a part of us that always stays..

    Liked by 2 people

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