Twitter Poetry II

Twitter Poetry II

Prompt: “Early bird”

4:30 AM I open my eyes
Find myself at a keyboard
To my surprise
My Muse skips tra-lee-lee
Dumps off a crazy idea
Now here I be!

Prompt: “Tenacity”

thought it meant
courage, to hold out
Truth: to unchain
1. Mead
2. Grusome
3. Hide

Mellifluous mead
Could not hide your gruesome truth
Scarfing hard palate

Prompt: “At my worst”

At my worst
I am my True Self
Battling Lies

I found myself back on Twitter after work yesterday and the poetry challenges called out, so I listened. I found out about their existence through Semper Sum, a blog that highlights different Twitter challenges on a daily basis!

You can my first attempts here 😀

If you would like to check these out, click on the hashtag at the top of each poem and find out more about that particular challenge. If you decide to try it out, let me know so I can read them 🙂


2 thoughts on “Twitter Poetry II

  1. That is a neat poem! I’m not on Twitter but I can see how the short tweets could be mashed up to create cool poetry.

    Write with Fey

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