The last three years could be symbolized by that damn silo sitting right outside her window. Her parents had chose to move out of town in order to “feel the open spaces” or some crap. She suspected it was to keep her out of trouble.

But Dorothy still had her ace. His name was Matt who lived just down the stretch of dirt into the next eye blink town. He promised to spring her from her toxic parents. It was time to say goodbye to the silo for good. Back in town, Matt was on a date with Mary.

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7 thoughts on “Flight

  1. I think she needs to look into the next eye-blink town (I like that description).

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  2. Going away may turn out not to be as much fun as she thinks it would be. I hope she won’t get into too much trouble. Good story.

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  3. loricarlson66 May 17, 2015 — 2:47 am

    Great flash fiction… poor thing is in for a big surprise!

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  4. I guess getting out of trouble never beat the lure of hormones.

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    1. Ahh the blindness of the past is so clear in the future 🙂


  5. Maybe he isn’t the best solution…

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