#BeWoW Wednesday: Truly Extraordinary…

It’s kind of funny, actually. I’ve lived in the “Deep North” of the Midwest for most of my life so my ordinary was watching the sugar beet trucks in the fall deliver their loads to the plant. I thought it was commonplace for floods to happen to your town on a yearly basis, right next to spring thaw. My accent was ordinary and Minnesotan goodbyes were the norm.

At least until I moved to the East Coast where their “ordinary” is my extraordinary. I stop whatever I’m doing to watch a scarlet cardinal gather food and savor the selection of restaurants that were never accessible in my hometown. Three hours away I now go caving in the mountains and seafood is an integral part of the culture. So many things to see.

I think that extraordinary can become ignored if you stop looking for it. For example, when I lived in the Midwest, routine enabled me to rush past all that makes that area unique. I perceive it to be ordinary.

Writing on a daily basis is changing my perceptions of how I see and understand of the world. To become better, I have to slow down and translate what I experience into words. Ordinary becomes extraordinary.

The takeaway?

Take a moment and try to see an object near you in a different way. Not a memory or your experience, but how it could be unique.

Take care and we will talk to each other soon πŸ˜€

Linked to #BeWow, a weekly event that challenges me to step outside of my perceptions and take a look around. Come join me πŸ™‚



6 thoughts on “#BeWoW Wednesday: Truly Extraordinary…

  1. I am driving through on the A to Z Road Trip. I had to look hard to see how to leave a comment but finally I found it. I have found that as I get older I appreciate the extraordinary everyday things in life!

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    1. Very cool! Think I’ll be joining you on that journey come the weekend πŸ™‚ Take care


  2. It’s true how things become commonplace and ordinary when we are used to them, yet for someone else who experiences them for the first time they are extraordinary πŸ™‚

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  3. i liked the way you have put it. Its true in the reverse too. Once we move to a different place, we realise how much we miss the old familiar place and how everything associated with it, gives lasting memories.

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