Walk Like a Duck

Most days, she is a teenager who hardly leaves her room and whispers when she does talk. She often feels like she can’t connect or bond with no one. We are talking about a child of fantasy and music. But, when we feed the ducks, she lives again.

Anxieties and sharp bladed memories fade in the presence of those who shine purple, green and orange. Laughing like a small child, the girl walks among them. The ducks don’t care who you are to anyone else, they will gather around like adoring pets. Price of happiness? Guacamole pringle chips, ancient movie popcorn and dry bread.

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Photo by priceless joy

14 thoughts on “Walk Like a Duck

  1. Great imagery. I felt a bit of sadness in this story. Glad the girl was more upbeat around the ducks.

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  2. The bonding of the mind with another species can have enormous healing and relaxing powers. I like your description of peace found in this way, if only the feeling could be permanent and help to repair past damage. Well written Rhodia. 🙂

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  3. A touching story. At least among the ducks she can feel happy. 🙂 I thought I’d point out that you have a double negative in the first paragraph – ‘she can’t connect or bond with no one.’ It should either be ‘she can connect or bond with no one’ or ‘she can’t connect or bond with anyone’. I hope that helps. 🙂

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    1. I was going for a teenage tone for a moment. But thank you for your suggestion

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  4. A touching story. I enjoyed it immensely

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  5. I like that line ‘ducks don’t care who you are to anyone else’….great response to the photo Rhodia.

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  6. I like the connection of the teenager with the ducks. Only animals could reach her.

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    1. It was a beautiful sight to see 🙂

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  7. You touched my heart with this piece. Wow . . . thank you for writing and post this.


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  8. Touching story – happiness for daughter or mother, I wonder… Great job!

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  9. Loved the fact that the ducks made her feel “human” again. I really liked how you used guacamole pringle chips, ancient popcorn and dry bread to connect her and the ducks and how they don’t care who you are to anyone else. Cute story!

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  10. Good example of how animals can reach humans hearts 😊. Nice story.😃

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