Twitter Poetry

Prompt: “Mud-licious”

Spring rain floods
Drainpipes creating
Pools of mud-licious
Children of every age

Prompt: “Tempt”

Illegitimate time
Liturgical frozen words
Via telephone remind me
Your temptations
Are not mine

Prompt: “When the night stumbles”

When the night stumbles
Drunk from diurnal levity
Meet me on the rooftop
For cheese and depravity

Prompt: “Videlicet”

I used to get paid to travel
Careen down streets at fantastic speed
Even learned a new lingo-
Videlicet-a small town cab driver

Yesterday, I had a serious case of writer’s block and couldn’t find a prompt that clicked with me. was that bad. So I decided to play around on Twitter and participate in a few poetry games that are ongoing. I found out about their existence through Semper Sum, a blog that highlights different Twitter challenges on a daily basis!

If you would like to check these out, click on the hashtag at the top of each poem and find out more about that particular challenge. If you decide to try it out, let me know so I can read them 🙂

Have an incredible day 😀

Image by Tweetspeak Poetry


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