Arriving at the beach, she reflected on her life.

Thoughts began to swirl and pound inside her head. Had she made the right decisions for herself? For her children? They were grown now and scattered across the earth like the minnows in a little eddy. So many experiences and made it through each one. Mary lifted her head towards the breeze that was tousling her hair like a lover.

She continued along the shore as delicate shells and beautiful stones decorated her path. Mary took off her shoes and waded into the water. She could feel all her disappointments and hurt being scrubbed away like dead skin. Gathering all her strength, her heart tore through the hardened cocoon. Tears began to run slowly down her reddened cheeks. She had found her home.

Linked to Mondays Finish the Story, a weekly flash fiction challenge where you are provided with an image and the first sentence of the story in 150 words or less. Come join us 🙂



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