Shreds of collective memory
Blown across time and geography
Grandma comes alive again
Through another beating heart

I’ve got the bohemian gene
Strength built into my blood
Youthful glow that never dies
An unbreakable mind

Auntie tells me stories

a youthful Grandma
Aching love letters

Great-grandma and grandpa
Speak to me for the first time

Green and gold flash
Hummingbird returns at last
Memory whispers

Linked to Poets United Midweek Motif–“Choose an Elder to honor in a poem”

Image by How Stuff Works


13 thoughts on “In Rememberence

  1. It’s true that our grandparents come alive to us in the stories we’re told. I love your poem and the fact that you recognize aspects of yourself that you inherited from your elders. So nice!

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  2. Beautiful…! Its so peaceful & serene..
    Glad to know that your aunty tells you stories so as to allow you to grasp her memories 🙂
    She must have been such a wonderful woman.. Bless her soul 🙂

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  3. I love this poem! Hearing the stories and having her come alive within you. This is what you got in your genes! Wow! I see her in that vivid hummingbird and through the now-open channel.

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