After losing her head, she realized that the rest of her body was falling apart! Jessica pinched herself hard. Once, twice. She was used to realistic simulations, but this one was borderline heart-attack material. She tried shouting for Andy, her partner in the simulator and in life.

She could form the words in her head, but the message wasn’t traveling any further. “Fine”, she thought to herself, “two can play this game.” Jessica grabbed hold of her left arm and with a yank it broke free. She swung it hard to the right, connecting with his body with a satisfying thud she felt in her right wrist.

She instantly felt better as body parts continued to loosen and float away. No more just laying on the couch playing useless games. No more late night walks with her sister. Three feet away, Jessica’s face smiled. Her remaining foot connected hard with what she imagined to be his head.

Today’s prompt was inspired by Mondays Finish the Story. We are given the beginning sentence to a story and then left to our own devices to finish the story in 150 words or less. Care to join in on the fun?



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