A to Z Challenge: Xenization and Xenolith

Word of the Day is Xenization: The act of traveling as a stranger.



The Xenolith is a 15 line poem. Seven of the lines have twelve syllables per line and are mono-rhymed. Eight of the lines have eight syllables per line and are written in rhyming couplets. You can separate the 12 syllable lines from the 8 syllable lines and have two complete poems.


No Guarantee

A poet does not always use his eyes to see
The beauty in a thought or deed.
Inspiration is found wherever it may be –
Beauty to make the heart concede –
Whether moonlight reflected on a midnight sea,
The white curl of the ocean spray,
The glitter of a summer’s day.
Or, with the deft touch of the poet’s master key,
Reshape the mind into a lie –
Show instead a new path to try.
Like cobwebs dim, clear from the mind the soul’s debris,
Invite in the beauty unseen
And unveil imagination’s dark devotee
To keep the questing mind e’er keen.
I know now a poem, like life, has no guarantee.

by Carol R. Ward

My apologies for not attempting this beautiful, complicated form of poetry. The xenolith poetry form was created by Carol R. Ward after discovering that it is difficult to find types of poetry that start with the letter ‘X.’ A xenolith is a fragment of rock embedded in another rock. Thus, this form is in reality one poem inside of another poem.


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