Still not return.
Still not outside.
How many days?

One hundred and twenty. One hundred and twenty-one.

transmitter in the attic, how it sent
voice over the sea—
over waves, across borders.

stories terrifying
difficult to believe.
letters for capons, hams, hens.

wine through the mail.
lambs in suitcases on the train,
meat for an enormous profit.

fined for locking doors,
keeping doves,
hoarding meat.

No eye contact.
No chatter.
no lovers strolling
such rules are not written down

Icy winds whirl
inside old room, slow rain of hours
fingers over seashells

ordering by size, species, morphology,
checking and rechecking,
not missed a single one.

For today’s NaPoWriMo poem, I was inspired by Margo Roby: Wordgatherer to fashion a poem out of a found source text. The source text is a small section from Anthony Doerr’s book, “All the Light We Cannot See.”

I began by removing proper names and personal pronouns–soon followed by present tense verbs and specific places. From there, I inserted my own line breaks as well as removal of a few phrases to make the poem run smoother. I hope you enjoy it 😀

Image by Boyoun Kim



6 thoughts on “Holding Pattern

    1. It is fun 😀 Lately my Muse has been hiding (it may have to do with so these alternative ways to creation are a life saver. Plus Mr. Doerr’s story was so much fun to use. He can use words to create more than just visual images 😀

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