A to Z Challenge: Underground Poetry and Ultracrepidarian

Word of the Day

Ultracrepidarian: A person who gives opinions and advice on matters outside of one’s knowledge.

Poetry Form

Underground Poetry is a mysterious form and not easily sought even in the age of instant information. My most difficult challenge so far, I discovered that it is not a “poetry form” at all but a living breathing (counter) culture that thrived in Liverpool during the 1960s.

I discovered the poetry of Tom Pickard during my web wanderings. He, along with many other talented artists including Basil Bunting and Heathcote Williams, formed Morden Tower–a veritible mecca for poets across time and space.

Many well-known poets such as Allen Ginsberg and Jonathan Williams were inspired by Tom Pickard and Morden Tower.

What follows is an excerpt from Tom Pickard’s poem “Lark & Merlin“. If you wish to listen to the full poem, feel free to follow this link.


a wren,

perched on a hawthorn
low enough to skip
the scalping winds,
sang a scalpel song


seafrets drift
sheer along shorelines


listening to hail spray glass
and wind
and a waitress laugh
in a cafe without customers
I fell to fell thinking

* * *

a sullen light through vapor

thins a line of hills


the edge of everything is nothing
whipped by wind


watched on a webcam
bound to a bedpost
gag on my shaft


rose blush of road-kill rabbit
insides out on tarmacadam


                         * * *


Word of the Day by Project Twins

Poetry Form by Poetry Foundation

Image by Aragec

1 thought on “A to Z Challenge: Underground Poetry and Ultracrepidarian

  1. Oh my! Clutch the pearls! That word of the day is Fiya! Love it!

    All the best!


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