What if everyone showed
Both sides instead of one?

Pink sock on left foot
High heel on right
Business in the front
Party in the back

Perhaps masks
In the style of Joker
Who wore both sides
For all to see

Today imaginary garden with real toads challenges us to write about the idea of halves. I must say that I am at a loss for poetic words on this one.

My first thought was philosophical but I didn’t want to go into a long possibly deep post on such a peaceful Sunday 😀 Instead, I decided to offer up a few questions but stop short of any answers.

Who am I to say which side?

Imaginary Garden With Real Toads

15 thoughts on “Which Half?

  1. Loved this. I think we are all guarded at times at worry what others think. I’m a tough guy, I’m a passionate guy, I have some far right views, I have some left views, etc. Personally, I’m at a point in my life where just being me, good or bad, is healthy.

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  2. Well then, its a thought provoking question.. if everyone was honest and showed both halves of their personality… the good and bad.. then I guess life would be much less complicated!
    Loved your poem 😀
    You rock..!

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