Weekend Coffee Share: Happy Record Store Day!

Good morning my Friends

This morning felt like it should be a holiday so I checked my magical search engine and what do you know? It’s Record Store Day! No wonder I felt so happy 🙂

How was this past week for you? Pull up a seat, grab a cuppa and stay a while.

What is your favorite time of day? In other words, is there a magical part of your day that makes the chaos of the week seem miles away?

For me, I live for early mornings on the weekend. The light strikes the trees and garden in the backyard at just the right angle to bring my Muse out of hiding. The coffee tastes better, music playlists are right on track and I feel full of possibilities.

The weekend is a welcome shelter from all the stress of the past week where I can sit and reflect about accomplishments and feel proud of my actions.

This past week, I taught some tough classrooms–one first grade and a few seventh grade classes. I felt so overwhelmed and out numbered it wasn’t even funny! I questioned my sanity more than a few times, fought back a few lumps in my throat and relied heavily on the support from administration and surrounding teachers.

Yesterday I had a good conversation with an gentleman who teaches seventh grade science full-time as part of an unpaid internship. Talk about courage and tenacity! During a planning period, I asked him the reasons why he decided to become a teacher. What he said next reaffirmed my faith in others.

He told me that he wanted to help change the world through teaching the next generation how to care for the Earth. A simple answer and yet so profound. I walked away from that school a few hours later still lighthearted.

I really enjoy our time together every weekend–I look forward to each one. Feel free to fill up your cup again and the cream, as always, is in the fridge.


11 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: Happy Record Store Day!

  1. I imagine that subbing can be really difficult, but I’m glad you’ve got some colleagues and friends who are there to be encouraging.

    And Record Store Day, you say? Awesome!

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  2. Life of a substitute teacher can be tough sometimes. Thanks for supporting the teachers and kids.

    I think the time of day when the sun is setting is ‘the golden time of day’. I love walking/jogging/mostly walking along the riverfront at sunset.

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  3. I have nothing but respect to you for teaching. Your job is so important. Thank you for sharing what the teacher said, he clearly loves his job. I think thats the most important thing really, doing what you love, especially with teaching.

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  4. Record Store Day, huh? I should have taken all my old records in today then. My favorite time of day is sunset. I love watching the sun go down.

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  5. So wonderful! Teachers are an amazing group of people 🙂


  6. I’m guessing from the variance in classrooms that you are a substitute teacher? I teach 7th grade primarily, but I also teach a couple hours of HS English. I subbed while finishing up my degree, and did not like bouncing around. I live for routine, being prepared, and knowing my kiddos. Having a classroom of your own, even when teaching different levels, is an entirely different experience.

    I, too, love my mornings on the weekend. I can get up before the teenagers and husband and bask in a few moments (hours if I’m lucky) of silence, caffeine, and freely flowing thoughts impeded by no distractions.

    Thank you for sharing your coffee with us this morning!

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  7. Your comments about morning mirror my own. I am usually up by 5:30 weekend mornings and make the most of the hours I have before anyone else in the house wakes up.

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    1. It’s like a tiny slice of heaven! Have an awesome weekend 😀


  8. So great! I love getting together for coffee! And I love the story you told about the teacher…that really is wonderful! Found you over at the weekend blog hop at My Life As a Mummy! Thanks for sharing a great post!

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    1. You’re welcome! I’ll swing on over and say hi as well


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