Left or Right?

Last night I escaped flesh and bone, hair and collagen
Swirled in a million shades of midnight
Exhaling blue overflow and soft spiky edges of infinity
Shedding layers of surface in waves of shimmery

I came to a crossroads somewhere in this new expanse
To my right flowed and shook open flightless waves
Stars and waterfalls of sensations and collective memory
Endless journey and discovery called me to His side

On my left was an anchored space that whispered velvet
Tucked behind the brightness and sharp sides
I would be safe within a womb of metered silence
“Sensory disconnection” it screamed as it shrank and grew

For Day 16 of NaPoWriMo with Magaly Guerrero 2015, invites us to write a poem where the speaker travels to a parallel, but infinitely remote, universe

Image by Shelle Kennedy



10 thoughts on “Left or Right?

  1. Chaos/Silence and Beaten path/angel’s harps…love the interchange between them.

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  2. This was lovely! That urge to get away into a safe and peaceful place is so strong. I kept seeing a Selkie woman, so torn. Wonderful!

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    1. You may have given me an idea for a story I’m working on. .. 😀 Have a brilliant day!

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  3. Yep…can spot a Sunshine Shell piece any where…love her work http://sunshineshelles.blogspot.co.uk/2012/10/i-believe-in-faeries.html
    As it happens, also inspired by something Magaly was doing lol

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    1. Thank you! I’ll fix it tonight


  4. BTW I don’t remember painting that image…sure it’s not one of Shelle Kennedy’s?

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    1. Hm it was linked with your name. I’ll change it tonight. Thanks for letting me know


  5. Awesome words! I often wish I could just hide inside my mind and ignore the chaos and noise that surrounds me XXX

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  6. Wow. This is a lot of fun. Lovely word play. Good on ya. 🙂

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  7. It seems like the choice is between a confining sort of safety and exploration. But it also seems that safety has a quixotic side of its own, with no promise of real stability. I am enjoying unpacking all the wonderful imagery you’ve got here.

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