Redefining Disability Challenge: Stress? Never..

Good morning dear Friends 😀

I appreciate your patience with me from last week’s short post. I am devoted to this project. I think it is an amazing way to open up conversations, get past ancient stigmas and connect to each other.

I am happy to say that I am having a good morning. I’ve got coffee in hand, Mumford on YouTube and a late start time for work. Having said that, I want to talk for a moment about stress and how it affects my body and mind.

A quick recap: I have been living with anxiety and clinical depression for most of my life. But it wasn’t until recently that I decided to reclaim my life instead of sitting passively reacting to events that happened to me.

My dear Friends, I have been going through so much deep Stress lately that at times I wonder if the world is conspiring against me lol. The other day, my body had a deep reaction–all I wanted to do is stay in bed and sleep. I felt electric energy in my head and groin that was so painful that it left me in tears. That is what continuous Stress does to me despite medication. It’s a scary thing for me.

In my past, I would have done one of two things: grabbed for that bottle or physically escape to another corner of the house or somewhere much further away.

I am proud to tell you that I did neither of those things. With the support of my fiance, I took my prescribed anti-anxiety medication and took a quick nap. He was there to listen and help me find solutions. So in the end, I was able to make it through that battle.

The take-away? 

I have to stay vigilant for these battles that rage inside that threaten to reduce me to dust and nothingness.

In those moments, I choose life because I know there will be better moments just beyond that horizon.


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