My mama used to say
I had long blond hair
Bluest of blue eyes
And never forgot
To wear my smile outdoors

She told me
I would walk up to any stranger
And ask, “Would you be my friend?”

Figured I was born to see beyond
Anyone’s past or present
Dig root canals until
Goodness came bubbling up

“collecting karma”
“Random acts of kindness”
“What Would Jesus Do?”
“Good Samaritan”…

I wanted to be them all
Soul laid bare million times over
Scars and all
A spiritual trust-fall

I can tell you for certain
a dividing line
Between strong and naive
Flashes so brilliant

For every one else but me

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7 thoughts on “Dividing Line

  1. What a little cutie! I was shy as a child but I loved stories, people’s life stories I actually knocked on doors and asked people about their lives! That’s right went to stranger’s houses I had some of the best conversations of my life on the porches or in the kitchens of elderly people. I even learned what true love was by observing an elderly old couple work together through disability. Beautiful and touching

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