SELF-Awareness Sunday: A Poetic Picture

Deep breath in
Rest on branch worn smooth
Pollen covers face
Buds on trunk
Hope thwarts blight every time
Moment–now photo


Extend arm

Linked to Mindlovemisery Menagerie and Just Fooling Around with Bee

Photo by Rose Ketring


9 thoughts on “SELF-Awareness Sunday: A Poetic Picture

  1. Cool! Photography, spring trees, poetry, and Sunday for self-time, have all been themes of my day. And, here, you brought them all together!

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    1. It’s a good day to be breathing 😀 Have an amazing rest of your day!


  2. Love the poem and the picture! “Hope thwarts blight every time” is going to be my mantra for the day!

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    1. Awesome 🙂 When I saw those cherry trees, l couldn’t believe how some were still alive– they were so torn apart and scarred. Yet they were still producing such beauty

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      1. That’s a great metaphor.

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      2. They inspire me to keep fighting for myself. My dad told me that at one point in time the government wanted to destroy them simply because we were at war with Japan. Can you believe it?

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      3. Wow, that’s so… governmental.

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      4. Yeah. It sounds crazy, but I figure if trees can withstand all sorts of abuse and damage and still produce such beauty, so can I! Have an amazing, crazy beautiful day!

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      5. You can! And thanks – I hope you have just such a day too!

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