A to Z Challenge: Leptosome and Light Verse

Word of the Day


A person with a slender, thin, or frail body.


Poem Form and Example

Light Verse—Clarihew
Light Verse – A loose catch-all term describing poetry written with a relaxed attitude and ordinary tone on trivial, mundane, or frivolous themes. It is intended to amuse and entertain and is frequently distinguished by sophistication, wit, word-play, elegance, and technical competence. Among the numerous forms of light verse are clerihews, double dactyls, epigrams, limericks, nonsense poetry, occasional poetry, parodies, society verse, and verse with puns or riddles.



by Maurice Rigoler

Michelangelo on a ceiling of fresh fresco

painted Adam with a naked bod –

he had second thoughts about God.


Dangers of High Wind
I once knew a girl who was skinny as a rod
One day wind carried away that tiny broad


Photo by:  Ratatouille 

Word of the Day by Project Twins

Poem Form by Gym Art




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