A to Z Challenge: In Vino Veritas and Invocation

Word of the Day: 

in vino veritas meaning “There is truth in wine”

  Poetry Form for the Day:

Invocation: An address to a deity or muse that often takes the form of a request for help in composing the poem at hand. Invocations can occur at the beginning of the poem or start of a new canto; they are considered conventions of the epic form and are a type of apostrophe.

 First an Example…

Silent, about-to-be-parted-from house.
Wood creaking, trying to sigh, impatient.
Clicking of squirrel-teeth in the attic.
Denuded beds, couches stripped of serapes.

Deep snow shall block all entrances
and oppress the roof and darken
the windows. O Lares,
don’t leave.
The house yawns like a bear.
Guard its profound dreams for us,
that it return to us when we return.

 My Inspired Creation Conglomeration!

Smoke Signals

Where do you hide when you disappear?
My hands ache for tender touch
Seams bleed crimson across
The butcher’s paper encasing my heart.
To whom shall I plead to, envious Sprites?
The lights on tonight’s box of wine glow brightly,
Yet sister Melete does not answer.
Perhaps I will find Aoide amongst the
Digital sounds of rapture and song,
Or hear Mneme’s slight snore in the early morning hours.


Word of the Day by  L MM Martin Hubpages  and Latin Phrases and Quotes

Poetic Form by Poetry Foundation

“Invocation” written by Denise Levertov

Photo Image by LMM Martin Hubpages



1 thought on “A to Z Challenge: In Vino Veritas and Invocation

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your post reminded me of Yeats’ verse – Wine comes in at the mouth/Love comes in at the eye/That’s all we shall know for truth/Before we grow old and die.

    Best wishes,

    Liked by 1 person

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