Word of the Day:

“Hircismus” which means stinky armpits


Poetry Form of the Day:


A Japanese writing form in which autobiographical prose (“paragraph”-style writing) is combined with one or more haiku. One  way of looking at the form is thinking of haibun as highly focused testimony or recollection of a journey composed of a prose poem and ending with a meaningful murmur of sorts: a haiku.


An Excellent Example…

Crazy Wisdom

Flesh of the spirit and soul of the body. The clarity that does so much damage.
—Jack Gilbert, “Résumé”

When the known becomes sacred, the thing itself before piety sets in. Whole and complete. Just this. Ravaging what we think we know. This is that. What is then profane?

Tonight I’ve been laid low. On the floor, yet elated. All around me bodies in limbo. Stomachs churn as we pull our spirits upright. On squat tables, remnants of our feast. Rice. Kimchi. Squid. And empty bottles. Too many to count.

The-One-Who-Knows slumps against a far wall. His lips curving into a mad grin. Always so. The others begin to stir. But he remains unmoving, eyes closed. Just as they’d been about to start the lesson.

cold soju
warms the guru’s words
. . . One more round!

And Mine…

For a Red-Headed Step-Child

Passionate for Ponies, Bronies and Warcraft
By day conquers Mountain Chocolate Ice Cream
Sheltered in safety from ferocious feces
Alternates between repose and intense energy

Signature scent is
Part oil gland, pheromone
And rotten relish


Word of the Day: The Phrontistry

Poetry Form by Poets.org

Haibun example by Matthew Caretti

Photo Credited to Flaming June Runs


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