Found Haikus: Discombobulation

No one well
Along this rook but I,
This tide End.

the rook,
The moon is fireworks of Heaven

Today’s challenge is to write a poem about the stars. Thanks to NaPoWriMo, I discovered a few new diversions..I mean resources 🙂 Today I used one called Haiku Discombobulator to complete the challenge.

The new creations wouldn’t be possible without the original authors and their beautiful poems:

End of summer…
Dumping the moon
Back in the well

by Julie Warther

The rook takes back
Its moon

by Alan Summers

Heaven lights up
Air is filled with sulfur odor
Beautiful fireworks

by Anne Lise Andresen


6 thoughts on “Found Haikus: Discombobulation

  1. Now I know a new astronomy word to throw at my husband

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  2. I had to look up rook. Do they live where you live?

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    1. I’ve actually never seen one before lol.

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      1. Did you look it up???

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      2. I know a rook is a bird. My haiku today was created from found poetry

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      3. This was my issue…did not know what it was at all..but it does rhyme with lots of words

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