Bloggiesta Day Four: I’ve Been Busy

Good Evening dear Readers

I have conquered the rest of the items on my list:

  • Organize my flash fiction and poetry so it is easily searchable
  • Finish (or continue?) working on my “About Me,” “Announcements,” and “Best Of” pages
  • Consider other page designs that may facilitate my overall goals
  • Learn how to increase my online presence
  • Complete at least two mini-challenges
  • Attend at least one Twitter party during the event

However, it has been called to my attention that my comment buttons are hard to find on my new theme. I played around with the colors, clicked a few buttons, bothered the heck out of Google with my questions but couldn’t find anything that will work with a free WordPress account.

Anyone have any suggestions for me?

Feel free to leave me a message under “Contact Me” in the slide out screen on the upper right hand side of my blog.

Last night’s topic was about book blogging and review techniques. Before that, I participated in two twitter chats at the same time. In addition to Bloggiesta, I am also participating in the upcoming A to Z Blogging Challenge. The other chat I took part in was for a group I had never heard of before–#storydam. I’m glad I found the chat hashtag when I did..the group is phenomenal!

In short, StoryDam is a part haven, part resource and all community. Those who wish to participate can join in the conversation every Thursday night around 8 pm Eastern time. The topic?  Anything and everything that is connected to your personal WIP (Writing In Progress). It’s a chance to talk shop, compare notes, and a ton of writerly humor.

The best part is–you don’t have to miss out on last night’s or any of the past meetings because they have Twitter chat highlights 🙂

So now that I’ve accomplished my short list at a crazy pace, can you guess what I’m going to do?

Through Story Dam I found another challenge starting the same time as A to Z Blogging Challenge: NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month)! 😀 It actually fits perfectly into the theme I decided on for A to Z. 

And even though I am technically done with my list, I will never stop learning or attending the Twitter chats like the one for tonight:

COME JOIN ME FOR Tonight’S TWITTER CHAT March 27th at 9pm Eastern.
Topic for Tonight is ORGANIZE: No Stress Allowed (guest hosted by Amanda from On a Book Bender)

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9 thoughts on “Bloggiesta Day Four: I’ve Been Busy

  1. Yay! Feels good to get bloggy thing done. I was successful except for the Twitter chat. Next go around I hope to do so.

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    1. My plans to actively participate in the fall Bloggiesta fell very flat. Life interfered lol Good thing is that there is no time crunch, no pressure to start. Thanks to so many awesome people I have so many resources


  2. Congrats on crossing things off your list! Thanks for sharing about our lovely online writing community, StoryDam! We are glad you enjoyed it and we appreciate you spreading the love for our community! Hope to see you this Thursday on the next StoryDam chat!

    Happy Writing!
    Morgan Dragonwillow
    Our online Writing Community -> StoryDam
    My Personal Blog -> Playing with Words
    My Foodie Blog -> A Poet’s Kitchen

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  3. Hi, just realised perhaps why some are struggling with finding how to comment – maybe you’ve realised already but if looking from “Home” and scrolling through all the posts on the long-page, the comment button is a small circle with either #of comments in or a zero if no comments yet. Not obvious how to comment. But if viewing a solo page, the comments box is obvious at the bottom of the post. Dunno if that helps 🙂 You’ve been busy re-organising some more 🙂 loved the slideshow for your challenge participation, nice original way of presenting that info. Good luck with A to Z and all other things.

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    1. Thank you for your insight. I’m looking into a way to utilize another comment platform for my blog. Have an awesome day


      1. I find the wordpress platform fine, but in bloggiesta most seem to be using other platforms such as blogspot and maybe it’s unfamiliarity with wordpress / theme. WordPress comments seems really easy in comparison to trying to comment on some blogs – but user settings seem to have a lot to do with it.

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      2. Yeah I’m still learning this one..has its share of pros and cons

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  4. Hi, well done for completing your list 🙂 sorry to hear about the goblins and service troubles tho!

    I didn’t find comments difficult to find, but I’ve only been visiting your blog a month or so – maybe some of your longer term readers were more used to what to find where with how it was. The new theme did throw me a bit to start with, but you’ve done a great job with it. Looked great before but this layout’s superb.

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    1. Thank you 🙂 I figure life is telling me to take a tiny hiatus from my blog this weekend lol.
      Have a brilliant weekend and thank you for your input.

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