Sunday Photo Fiction: “Walk with Me”

Good morning and happy Sunday!

This is a weekly invitation to write a short piece of fiction  based on a photo prompt  provided by Joe Owens.
Come join us in the dance!


Come sit with me tonight when the moon looms so large that a bit of lunar madness enters your bloodstream like an illicit drug. Do you feel that energy the darkness creates when light fades and movement ceases for those driven by the sun.

Walk with me to the garden of humanity and dance. The dead feed off of our heartbeats and spirits detach from physical form in the dark.

I dance for my grandmother—for her memory, my defeats, for courage. The drumbeats are beginning, can you hear them?
When your body glistens with sweat, find a place to sit amongst the permanent art. Take in the chill, do not be afraid of it.

That’s where the electricity that connects us, our spirits together. If you are brave enough, sit there long after everyone else has left. The revelors, shamans, dead spirits in living bodies, everyone.

Spirits will whisper if you are very still. What are they saying? Do you answer them? Let me know when you are ready to leave—I’m going to find my own spot.

4 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction: “Walk with Me”

  1. Bringing the little statue to life, I like it!

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  2. AnElephant likes the frantic pace here.
    There is a strange sense of urgency in the tempo.

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  3. A wonderful take on the prompt and very compelling!

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    1. I played some “Dead Can Dance” for inspiration 🙂

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