#FlashMobWrites: “Let It Go”

Brought to you this evening by #FlashMobWrites:


“Let It Go”

The theme song for “Frozen” came on loud and proud across my phone’s speakers. Where was I? At work of course–hobnobbing with second graders with chubby cheeks and teeth like piranhas. I had to take the call, her life really did depend on it.

“Hello, where is she?”

“Where have you been? The State of California has been looking for you everywhere. They even put a warrant out for your arrest.”

“And I didn’t answer just to listen to you threaten me. Where. Is. She?”

“What’s your address?”

“Ask your lawyer. In fact, I bet if you got onto a damn computer you could find it yourself.”

My voice had lowered to a deep whisper as I crouched down near the life-sized replica of Barney tying his shoes. I could tell eyes were staring at me, every single person in here now had reason to hate me.

“What do you want? It’s not my fault that I owe so much. You try living in the North country. I’m earning your money now, just wait a little bit. ”

I heard a small voice in the background. It reminded me of worn, abandoned used up old jeans, her voice.

“Meet us at the library at 3:15pm today in the conference room. I wouldn’t be late.”

They were gone.

Two hours later, I was reading up on the lives of water beetles inside the battleground. I saw a shock of black hair and a green raincoat, my body ran cold.

“I’m ok, I’m ok. I can do this, I can be here.” Damn, I couldn’t see her.  What was he pulling, thinking I wouldn’t be here.


“So, where did we leave off last time? I love how you did your makeup and your skin…I hate the way you tease.”

“I don’t see you coming through on your promise. Where is my daughter? I’m paying you, I’m playing your damn game. I’ll play the harlot this time, ok?”

“I’ve got a picture of her right here. She’s tucked away nicely.”

I reached inside my pocket.


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