Hello dear Readers!

In case you are not aware, I am participating in my first A to Z Challenge this year.  In fact, I’ve been planning for the beginning (April 1st) since 8am this morning–my brain is just a little gooey.

Without further ado (cue big banner):




My theme for my first A to Z Challenge will be:

Unusual, Bizarre Words paired with Poetic Forms!! YAY!!


I decided to make my first challenge as nerdy as possible, and I think I’ve achieved just that.

Each day in April, I will post:

  • an unusual word/phrase
  • description of the day’s poetry form
  • an example of the “correct” form (teehee)
  • my poetic creation 😀

Want to know about other blogger’s themes as well? Hop on to Vidya Sury’s space to take a look. Here’s the Theme Reveal BlogFest 2015. !



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