If we were having coffee, we would once again meet at my place if you don’t mind. The house is so quiet and I’ve just been through a really tiring week. I’m so far behind on all the things I want to get done, but I also need to schedule some relaxation time–so here we are 🙂

I have no actual cream for your coffee, but I do have several flavors of ice cream including my new favorite from Ben and Jerry’s: “Coffee Caramel Buzz.” Soo good in my freshly ground coffee 😀

As the month winds down (already!), I am preparing to participate in a few blogging events that are coming up: A to Z Blogging Challenge and Bloggiesta.


Bloggiesta-S15Bloggiesta will run from March 23rd to the 29th and will focus on improving skills surrounding blogging and writing in general. My goals are here. If you wish, dear Reader, take a glance during this time to see what happens (I have no idea what I got myself into!) I figure, if nothing else, it will be an experiment of the blogging variety.




The second event, A to Z Challenge, is very close to starting so I am a bit more nervous about my theme which will be revealed on March 23rd and on my blog. Keep your fingers crossed, I still have tons to do before April 1st! I will let you in on a tiny hint–just keep it between us.(It has something to do with forms of writing and my love of unusual words)



Other than that, not much happened this week–I was way too tired. I subbed at an elementary school this past week teaching second graders in the morning and first grade after lunch. I must have done something right because my second grade friends didn’t want me to go on Friday! I got hugged by at least twelve of the kids all at once 🙂 Did wonders for my energy level lol

My older daughter turned 14 yesterday. I’m still trying to recover from the shock 😀 Time flies by way too fast, but I am so proud of her. She is becoming a beautiful and talented young woman with so many opportunities just waiting for the right time. I feel so blessed.

Alright, dear Reader, I have to get going. I haven’t been able to stretch and slow time since I was about twelve. Take care of yourself, my friend and I will see you again really soon.


11 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: Happy Spring?

  1. Happy Birthday to your daughter, and I’m excited yet nervous about the A~Z challenge myself. This will be a first for me, and I’m hoping I’m up to the task. Can’t wait to see what your theme is, and look forward to visiting your blog again. Now I must check out Bloggiesta as well. So much to do. Enjoy your coffee~ Paula

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    1. You as well! I may have bitten off more than expected for A to Z but at least I won’t be bored 🙂 I’m looking forward to seeing you at the Theme Reveal as well. Good luck this next week 🙂


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