BJs Shardoma and Beyond: Monotetra

This morning’s Mindlovesmisery Menagerie post comes from BJs Shardoma, which  features different forms of poetry.

I decided to challenge myself with the featured form–the monotetra:


We are fearless pirates from Three B
Frightening young and old, tee hee
No treasure map, too far from sea
Fear us please? Fear us please?



10 thoughts on “BJs Shardoma and Beyond: Monotetra

  1. So funny — fear us please? What a riot –
    And I remember “the pirates who don’t do anything” too — great memory 🙂

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  2. Very fun! Really enjoyed this one. Pirates with no treasure map, asking to be feared and using manners like “please”—oh dear….methinks they may not be too feared 😉

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    1. Had the theme song for “Veggie Tales” in my head lol


      1. It’s been awhile…is it “Pirates who don’t do anything???”

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      2. That’s the one! I loved Bob the Cucumber the most lol


      3. They were great…my favorite were the French peas in Josh & the Big Wall….they cracked me up 😛

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      4. Lol nice to meet another Veggie enthusiast


      5. It as really via my kids 😉 but the songs had a way of getting stuck in my head too!! They were sort of catchy….sometimes irritatingly so. Nice to ‘meet’ you too 🙂

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      6. Have an awesome Saturday night


      7. Thanks, you too 🙂

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