Jeremy’s Daily Challenge: “The End?”

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Good morning dear Readers and happy first day of Spring! A special shout-out to my first born daughter who turns 14 today 🙂

This prompt comes to you right out of the oven from Jeremy’s Daily Challenge but I suppose I will share it for this week’s Yeah Write Weekly: Weekend Edition 🙂


He started screaming and then just keeled over dead during the salmon course. There was no one to tend to the poor fellow, he was the last one.
Two weeks ago, a new epidemic called “Rock and Roll Purple Fever” spread overnight across the world in one horrific wave. While CDC was scrambling to find Patient Zero, the human race was losing the battle.

In my city, it first showed up at a popular dance club on 45th and Flamboyant Fhill Street. Friday night chaos was in full tilt when a lady climbed the catwalk above the crowd and started singing “Love Me Tender” and rocking it karaoke-style.

Survivors told the media later that when she hit the third verse, it was evident that something was amiss. First a few twenty-somethings followed her onto the catwalk and joined in during “Teddy Bear,” followed by a smattering of older generationals. They kept singing drowning out the club songs until the DJs shut them off in order to join in on the new trend.

A scream rang out from exit stage left as the ceiling gave out and all the singers plummeted to their death as they sang “Jailhouse Rock.”



3 thoughts on “Jeremy’s Daily Challenge: “The End?”

  1. ^yes! Very Stand-Rocky Horror!

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    1. It’s interesting to see the different reactions. This story started as a simple ten minute free association exercise and this is what leaps out 🙂 I’m digging the Rocky Horror-Stand connection lol


  2. It’s like The Stand meets Rocky Horror!

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