100 Word Challenge: Scent of Spring

My offering for the 100 Word Challenge for Julia’s Place blog:

Photo provided by: www.craftyarts.co.uk



I long for the snow to sprout little feet and off it would all run. Where does Snow vacation during the summer? My guess would be somewhere in Minnesota. I have an actual plan for my garden this spring. No more Walmart tubs or plastic sprinklers for me! This summer I will be the envy of the town–I guarantee it!


Spent all winter collecting seeds from a bit of everywhere. That little mud patch in the back will soon be Eve’s Paradise. The scent has to be powerful–I’ve heard human flesh takes forever to decompose. Can’t have that.


1 thought on “100 Word Challenge: Scent of Spring

  1. Love the twist in the last sentence

    Liked by 1 person

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