Smokey Eyes

Penned for Pen n Tonic and imaginary garden with real toads:



pop! crackling flame

bids insect, human and beast

dancing illumination

smoke inhalation



Imaginary Garden With Real Toads

7 thoughts on “Smokey Eyes

  1. Hi. Sorry for the delay in commenting. This is a nice response to the prompt. It evokes a wonderful image of summer evenings by the campfire.

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  2. Hi Rhodia, I liked this. The kumbaya reminded me of events from years past.

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  3. Love this slice of life –really lovely!

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  4. A picture of warmth in every sense of the word~ 🙂

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  5. Moments like these should be shared.

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  6. To forget all the sorrows and see every one with an equal eye…………………a dancing and joyous occasion indeed!!

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