A Guided Poem Or, “Can I Take Off my Blindfold?”

I tried a guided poem this week to electrify my Muse. This prompt is brought to you today by Pink. Girl. Ink. Press:

Here’s how it works:

1. Begin your poem with this line: _________ is the most interesting thing. (fill in the blank with any word of your choice)
2. Compare two opposites (colors, moods, etc)
3. One line must describe something as the color blue
4. Use two lines to reflect on a memory (any memory)
5. Create a metaphor to describe the current season
6. Your poem must include the following words: cipher, melody, cerulean, kindred, mock
7. At some point in the poem, define the word sadness in your own words
8. Include the name of a place in your poem (town, road, address)
9. End your poem by speaking about something you wish for: And I wish…


Want to create your own guided poem?  If you got the guts, you can have the glory! Swing by Pink.Girl.Ink.Press and share it with her 🙂


This very second is the most interesting thing
The absence of your voice is deafening
Blue coffee with cream stands empty

Riding shotgun in the ambulance
Helpless to stop your pain

As Winter clings to its last breaths
On Autumn Valley Lane
It mocks the melodious youth of Spring

Cerulean buds tipped with icy dew
I google to decipher
The key to kindred glow of the Sun

Sadness is not absence
But acute remembrance
And I wish I could still talk to you


3 thoughts on “A Guided Poem Or, “Can I Take Off my Blindfold?”

  1. Oh so much to love about this poem!! I love this, “As Winter clings to its last breaths,” and your definition of sadness! And your opening line choice…yes, I agree…this very second! Wonderful response to this challenge!

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  2. And the absence of ____’s voice is deafening for me too 😌

    Liked by 1 person

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