Submitted to Mondays Finish the Story Prompt:


When it came to a challenge, Jim Smiley just had to jump right in! You see, Jim was itchy in a place that hides here and there fast as a flash.

One day a man named Bill, who had a similar itch, came to town one day. The two crossed paths one day in the exact middle of the dusty road, each holding a box.

“Howdy stranger! Whatcha got in dat box? I bet you $50 I can guess.”

Jim’s box shifted just slightly—his friend Webster had trained long enough.

“You got yourself a race, Mister. What’s your given name?”

“Sir, folks just call me Chase. Nice to see you again, Smiley.”

Finish, it was decided by gentlemanly vote to be the phone pole roughly two minute walking pace.

Two boxes placed side by side—out jumped Webster. A corn snake quickly followed.


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