Mindlovemisery Menagerie Photo: “Electricity”

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Electricity is in the air as the energy of life draws in upon itself to create a powerful force of Nature. Some may see destruction loom just a breath away, but Nature is neither “good” nor “evil”; Nature is simply creation.

It is beauty and mystery that is more exposed and easier to see when it is in the form of a storm. I sit on a piece of earth and just marvel.

The air is so different and the voices of Nature are silent reading themselves for another change. I love how the sky turns from white to an off color of pink or perhaps green as clouds throw a veil of intricate lace over the sun.

Perhaps it is the danger I am drawn to. How easily and indeterminate Nature’s force can be—so I’ll move to safety soon, I swear.

It’s just this calm that people say “before the storm.” Even the river is different.

It’s as if I was transported into a different dimension through this simple funnel cloud. A world that is silent and waiting in anticipation for change.

I look down into the inky water and I see the flash of silver just below the surface and the ballet of tiny bodies just above.

They aren’t afraid of storms—their lives continue on despite what is transpiring just beyond their world.

3 thoughts on “Mindlovemisery Menagerie Photo: “Electricity”

  1. I too feel that nature is not good or bad, just is.
    It is in the aftermath of such events that seem catastrophic that proves how humane humans can be…if they help those in the path of what is called destruction.

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  2. This is a fabulous piece of writing Rhodia, your second last paragraph is my favourite.

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