Poetry Joust on a Lovely Snowed-In Day



Lured in by a new challenge, I decided to join in on a Poetry Joust on the awesome dVerse blog.

The challenge sounds simple at first glance: to take a piece of at least one of the two poems featured to be fashioned into your own creation.

Being hard-headed, I chose bits from both poems: “if i stay” — by Brian Miller and “sketching on Portobello Road//the clock//is body-less by Claudia Schönfeld


Each morning at a time of choice
Greetings programmed with a individual voice
Sensors embedded in blankets and sheets
Massage muscles and activates morning tweets

Rising from bed, smell of coffee—a dab of cream
Cartoons on your cup via Internet stream
Set to optimal level and political views
surrounded by news

— relationship statuses, paternity tests & impulse buys—”
Shapes of logos burned into our eyes
Sudden hunger for hamburger and French fries

A world void of violence or hate
No more hunger and perfect heart rate
A voice in your head whispers at night
Automatic decision, is it right?

Glowing eyes in the dark of night
Matching mouth with teeth that bite
Tongue Chartreuse
The cat grins “choose


22 thoughts on “Poetry Joust on a Lovely Snowed-In Day

  1. Lovely stream of consciousness flowing through this gorgeous piece 😀 especially love “A voice in your head whispers at night. Automatic decision, is it right?” Resonate so strongly with these lines. Thank you so much for participating and for your constant love and support 🙂

    Lots of love,

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  2. Love your response in rhyming couplet quatrains. Funny the way the internet has shaped our days. We check in a few times a day to find out news, hear from our friends and family, view a video or two – I like your take on the chartreuse cat giving us a choice. Clever!

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    1. Thank you 🙂 It’s all still an experiment for me–an excuse to play and get messy with words


  3. I have been a little bit every day.


    1. Honestly, I only want people to comment if something actually moves them about my piece. I don’t post things to please others–I’m too busy having too much fun playing with words and impossibilities. I enjoyed my moment at PJ. Thank you


  4. Snakypoet (Rosemary Nissen-Wade) February 27, 2015 — 6:21 am

    It certainly is a different world these days, and it’s as well to know it.

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  5. Great rhythm and rhyme here – and how perfect the world would be as I pour cream into my too strong coffee – no more hunger, war, diseases….I’m afraid if I ignore the cat though and not choose, he will do as my SamCat does and do a vertical climb up the kitchen door to pull down the curtains, forcing me to action. Glad you chose lines from both poems. Excellent!

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  6. Ah,, these days we have so much to choose from in the way of information – and so many choices for spending our time. Today I chose to wander by the water looking for eagles…must I return to watch the news? I chose to read and write instead, but I suppose it will catch up with me when my curiosity gets the best of me. “shapes of logos” struck me here. 😉

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  7. The more we progress the less free we really are. Very nice work

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  8. Checking emails and feeds is one of the first things I do in the morning, even before coffee. Needless to say, I often regret it.

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    1. Time flies when you’re having fun?? 🙂


  9. Ah, those more-perfect-than-beauty- itself Chartreuse cats, with their impossible choices… a rather scary vision of the future.

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  10. it’s something, aye? in the morning, I roll over and grab my phone, check the news, instagram, etc. and boom, I’m in the know before I even get out of bed… and of course, the web does make you hungry for things we shouldn’t be eating with all the ads … hahah

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  11. I can feel the feline breath of having to choose.. a scary thought really.. choosing choosing more and quicker.. some days I need the cat to look the other way.

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    1. lmao 🙂 Thank you for the inspiration for my creation


  12. Whew, sometimes the information overload makes a person dizzy…and sometimes it is near impossible to ‘choose.’

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    1. I agree. I take internet connection for granted–I’m always checking email, blog posts, etc.


  13. smell of coffee and a world without hunger and war…what a perfect morning that would be… and heck… some mornings i could use a massage of my muscles before getting up…

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    1. Yup…winter is the worst on my bones. I’m getting too old lmao


  14. ha. we have such a stream of information at our fingertips…would be nice to wake up one day to a stream that saw peace and an end to what fills the news these days….wars and rumors of wars….its a good thing our computers dont have scent filters either…cause i got enough problems with those burgers and fries…lol

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    1. Thank you for poetic inspiration 🙂


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