Early Morning Tanka and Haiku: Just For You!

Today’s challenge over at Mindlovemisery Menagerie is to write a haiku and/or tanka about emotion. I chose to try both styles. The first is a haiku and the second is the beautiful tanka.

Which will you choose? 🙂


Childhood torment
Shame as tears escape floodgate
Raw, unpeeled stigma


Before night sleeps and
Day stirs, I sit in silence
My cab glimmers anew
“This American Life” on
Cut short by first passenger


6 thoughts on “Early Morning Tanka and Haiku: Just For You!

  1. “Before night sleeps and/Day stirs…”: I really liked that image.
    Very well-penned. Thank you for sharing your words with us this week. 🙂

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  2. We all look for streets of milk and honey… maybe even yellow bricked roads… and instead end up categorized, compartmentalized and labeled.

    Well done, both.

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  3. I like the perspective in the cab.

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  4. Gripping series…the first catches at my heart.

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  5. Both are wonderful but the first one touches a raw nerve so if I HAVE to choose, I choose the Haiku.

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