“Finger” Prose

Today I was challenged to write a prose poem about fingers using assonance as a literary device for Writing 201: Poetry class here on WordPress.

Not as funny as “Coffee Joe” from yesterday, but just as mysterious. Enjoy 🙂


“As the Sun Rises”

Early morning each finger awakens from restful sleep

Performs nimble movements for the daily morning routines
I click ‘Play’ and Tchaikovsky seeps
Into my skin
And I take a breath

Fingertips find their places on their keys
A tap of a tiny baton
Let the concert begin

Whisperings and dances that start in my mind
Find their way to my fingers
First delicate then building to triumphant
Building speed dictated by a conductor unnamed

I watch with amazement as my fingers obey
Racing and chasing as they tap, tap, tap
Feeling no aches, no pain
Until it is time to rest again


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