I’m trying a new challenge called a “Wordle” from an amazing blog called “Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie”

I hope you, dear Reader, enjoy my first creation 🙂


The rules of this game are not easy but simple
Just follow me and you will soon see
Watch your visage turn from sadness to hooray!

Find a paper Tiger that makes you mad
With their broken promise and false words
Open your mind and One, Two, Three!
They are not as strong as they want you to see

The world says that meteors and draught will strike us dead
But they don’t know how to play this game, nor are they able

Second thing you must do is take a magic bowl
Mix together three parts altruism and just a pinch of self belief
Pour in some creativity (don’t let it curdle!)
Let it sit
Knead it with the now-defunct “Tiger”
Let it bake at a high temperature
Out comes a creation of happiness from sorrow!

Partition the bread into a piece for everyone to eat
Step back and watch the anabiosis begin!
It works for every Tom, Dick and Harry (and Betty too!)
Follow what I say, stand back and see
Even powerful twinges of anger and jealousy just melt away!


14 thoughts on “My First Wordle

  1. Welcome to the Wordle! You have done a wonderful job here (this was certainly one of the more challenging Wordles I have made lol). I love that you have written this as a recipe, very charming and full of compassionate wisdom

    Liked by 1 person

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