Photo Challenge: “Depth”

Daily Post Photo Challenge: Depth

This old photo was taken at my family’s lake property when I was roughly six years old, I think. It features my father, grandmother, my sister C. (in blue polka dots), myself (in pink) and another sister (sporting Mickey Mouse).

There are so many memories, good and bad, from my childhood and many of them surrounded by my family pictured here. I wish I could remember that trip–I was born in Arizona. I wish I could remember that moment, my grandmother was healthy then—she passed away twelve years ago from Non-Hodgkin lymphoma.


I took artistic license with the original photo and played around with color, focus and a whole lot of fun things. Mind you, I am no artist—you want an artist, any of my other sisters 🙂

The depth here is that memories can be buried by several means, but the photo offers physical proof that we were there together. Now, that is very difficult. My sisters and I are scattered to the winds and sadly, the truck has been no more, I’m guessing, for a long, long time.

I chose to leave the color on us because it was one of the few times we were all together at the lake, where most of my happiest memories were conceived.

I don’t remember being in this photo; it was one that my father posted of us girls right before we traveled by beat-up truck from Minnesota to Arizona. For this reason, I chose to fade most of the background.

Staring at this photo, I wonder–

Could I bring a dead memory back to life? Is there anything I can remember from that day?

Who took the photo? How long we had stayed at the lake before we left?

What adventures had I been on? What did grandma cook for us?

Why is dad wearing really short shorts? Why am I in a pink polka dot swimsuit plus ruffle?

What was the trip like  with three small girls? Where did we stop along the way?

Did we fight? Was the backseat hot and sticky, or cool and comfortable?

As I ask myself these questions, I am trying with all my determination and stubbornness to remember…but there is nothing.

This photo has a story locked inside, perhaps an infinite amount. Will the stories ever become more than fiction?

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