Write Yourself Alive: Part Deux

This post is a continuation (my first!) from one I wrote yesterday which you can read here, if you dare. This time I will talk a little about my weaknesses as a writer. Why? Because it is necessary to acknowledge both in yourself if you wish to become a better (insert appropriate noun here). At least it is for me.

My ten-minute-timed self-assessment:

What are your weaknesses as a writer? What would you like to improve on?
List your limitations, the parts you are not proud of, your occasional causes of


Tend towards stream of consciousness style with tons of ellipses

Not good at story structure or dialog

Struggle to keep focus and get out of the mind of my protagonist

Easily distracted

Have to force myself to finish my daily writing exercises

Hard to completely open up with difficult memories

Tendency to work through sudden focused interests just to wander back out and into something else

Try to copy other styles

Used to writing academic papers, not stories

Tend to get lost in stories and forget to analyze method and technique

Often seek approval from others/allow others to decide if my work is “good enough”

Second guess myself

Not ready to commit myself to editing my rough first draft written back in November

Sometimes find patience for myself or my writing

Tendency to stretch myself thin

Not willing to always reach outside myself to observe life as it happens

Tendency to censor myself

Get lost in my own world..rather escape large crowds and spend time by myself

Perfectionist when it comes to selection of words

Terrible at punctuation (may actually be inner rebellion for all the years I was forced to take Latin in high school)

Run out of ideas often, must rely upon daily writing prompts similar to this one…

Tend to stretch myself thin trying to learn so much in various areas in a limited amount of time

What I would like to improve upon:

See above 🙂 I would like to experience more life in “real-time”, spend some time connecting with others on the web and in the flesh, work on my inability to focus…


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