A Few Things About Me…

I am…

labyrinthine, secretive, confused, brazen, independent, indestructible, miraculous

scars inside and out, addiction,  running but past always catches

disconnect, depression and anxiety, foolishness idealistic

stubborn, in love,  capable of: great kindness, neglect, selfishness, poor choices

lonely, distinct, vivid, real, commit Random Acts of Kindness

teacher, academic achievement, lost and broken dreams

second–third– fourth chances, unique, resourceful, professional, humorous, mother

neuroanatomy and linguistics, people-watcher, introspective, reader

disgraceful at math, hate politics and violence

sensitive, stressed,  novelist, music lover

searcher of Wisdom

traveler, caver, photographer,

afraid of oceans, childish, awestruck, proud of my children



Talk to Me!

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