I’ve felt…

wasted on emotion and yes….alcohol
hungry for contact as well as for emptiness
connected to myself….dancing, moving just to feel the sensation
connection to another on a temporary lease…
rented out….used….manipulated and fixed
like a puppet at another’s whim…dancing in the direction of another wind
I’ve felt strong…an immovable, irreconcilable force
moving to my own beat….going my own way.
I’ve jumped so high…and climbed out of so many chasms
I defy the odds!
But then….I ride the wave back down and feel so insignificant
with my past whipping….demanding that I move at breakneck speed
turning every face ugly and passive.

Such is life….

But I feel a pulse…..very faint but defiant……
It is myself…in all my broken, deformed, misplaced, disillusioned beauty…
beating, forming, becoming……


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