I’m a hard one to be around
I have traveled from place to place
Gathering moments, souvenirs, shiny plastic things
Reminders of other lifetimes….
Moments of love, friendship, rain, tenderness
Songs lost inside karaoke bars…I can still hear the applause
Distant faces just around the corner…..a thousand miles away.
Letting so many in…and then out again like a human turn style.
On the edge….waiting for that sugar glazed, fierceness, tender drama
shoe to drop to signal the moment to move on.
I can’t say that the pull will ever leave me….it’s been there
the constant, solid pressure…the ache for change
since I was the child of a rolling stone.
The difference…now?
I’m me…and yet still seen as someone to be valued and loved….
A force that is stronger than myself
Sometimes a whisper…oftentimes a shout…..a pleading…
You are safe….
Don’t ever stop


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