Cave Darkness II

So here I am, on my hands and knees
ceiling low…..unprotected except for a helmet and sweater
below me….rocks, invisible things pierce and cut
above….rock miles thick setting the limit to how far I can raise up
in this moment….I must go forward as the darkness
has blocked my way back
a tiny light affixed on my head
shows me a path for about a foot…that’s all.
We enter a cavern large enough to fit us all
furniture fashioned out of water and time
Light’s Out! they all agree and all light
mags, helmets….green, white…all disappear in an instant.
I choose to lean against the wall instead of on the furniture….
I don’t know why.
Darkness hits without apology…..suffocating the light…all powerful and forceful.
And I stillness and without sight in a place where I cannot
where I am.
Suddenly……I am overwhelmed…..panic rises
and finally I am forced to feel it…to experience how it’s searing, tearing, shaking me
Those demons that hide….disguise themselves in the daylight surround me…taunting….
Is my life over? Is this my destiny…to disappear with the darkness?


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