Day 28

Another day I find myself here….in front of an open screen, listening to music. First, drawing inspiration from various memory, thoughts, your words and experiences. Then…..well then I write..or don’t…like yesterday. I sat and read in the early morning like I have for the past twenty-eight days…but She doesn’t always show herself easily. My thoughts lately have been turning to my daughters who will be going back to school shortly….end of summer where time unpauses and then..they are growing up again. One, at the end of middle school…the other in the second year of Grade School. Shiny new outfits, back-to-school-supplies awaiting the subsequent torture that will ensue within a month, at best.

In life, there is always repetition……a birth or beginning of some kind, a breaking-in period……to be continued………….my boyfriend’s daughter is glowing about her first day!


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