Day 27

Where does she go each day to find beauty?
Is it off to the woods somewhere? Does she seek solace amongst the sun-kissed? The lullaby of water…..endless movement amongst the flutter-byes?
Does her soul find peace in music..the way mine does? Whether amongst the clarinets and guitars and the quiet peace drifting in and out? Or the soul screams of the passioned? the confusion and brilliance of it all?

Does she escape to a different world when she can’t handle this one? Does she read…..not just what she is told she must enjoy or complete….but for herself? do her wishes hang on the movement of stardust? Falling stars? Falling hearts? Does she call out for me at all?

I wish I could give her all that I know…then sit back and watch her learn life for herself…first-hand…..mistakes and all. If I could, I would be there to hold her when life hands out her ruthless challenges…and celebrate with her when she discovers life….at any level…with any experience…for the first time.

Watch her dance….run again without a care to where she is heading….her spirit lighting her way. I’m excited to see what she does next…I’m in complete awe of her…..


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