Day 24

Not sure if I have anything of worth to say today…I have a migraine on a beautiful August day. I’ve been reading all morning which has boosted my spirits….but my migraine remains. It’s not a new thing…happens every month…one could almost set a watch to it…..BING! End of the month! Time for your monthly migraine!!

So I’m the precipice of making a major decision…….I am actually considering writing a book (now picture Mac from Home know which scene I am referring to…..perhaps..a hint: it involves a deep breath and a loud noise I can’t tolerate at this moment….). In this modern day and age publishing a book does not take a lifetime……that, and I figure if senseless dribble have been doing it for years…I have a good leaping chance. When I took on this writing challenge, I had no idea that I may awaken my Muse who really isn’t always cute and sparkly and NEVER wears pink. She’s actually quite a slave driver…but not in a conventional way. She whispers…constantly…..puts thoughts into my head…directs me to possibilities in such a way that I assume that it was all MY idea. She doesn’t scream…..she knows I would never listen that way…..just whispers about the dew, the opening flowers, places I haven’t visited yet, misery and compassion, possibility and strength, life…..and death…..


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