The Real Day 20….

So I was off by a calendar day…dates don’t mean much to me currently because I currently have nowhere pressing to go to…yet. I start orientation at Applebees on will have to remember that date. Thus starts employment, of sorts, again…which I am grateful for. I’ve been working on my patience to see where I belong…at least for now. Never thought I would say this, but I’m tired of moving around now. Ready to stand as still as is possible in a world that constantly turns and consists of life…which automatically means that change in unavoidable.

Funny, I never know how to answer when someone asks me, “Where are you from?” I actually have no clue how to answer that question, even now…as an adult I have no clue what to say. Kind of like when a person asks me what my name is lol…….and when I tell them they assume it’s all one word:Annaroseofsharon….

“Well, what’s your middle name?”

“Um [pregnant pause] I actually don’t have one…just call me Rose.”

It’s like a modern day version of the comedic routine originally done by Abbott and Costello…”Who’s on First?”

Anyways…back to my origins….I actually have a few places…my heart resides forever in WI, where my Dad, step-mom, brothers and sisters and I lived in a kind of stop-and-go fashion. Us girls would come visit them during vacations and alternating holidays throughout our childhoods.

Now..if you mean where I went to school…there would be a different answer. That would be East Grand Forks/Grand Forks MN/ND where my mother and her parents and one of my aunts live. That’s where I spent my school years learning how to love reading, writing, and music.

If you mean where was I physically born…THAT would be Arizona—although I don’t have any memories of that state..just the name of my birthplace. A place in southwest Arizona on Hwy 84 (I think..) south of the Grand Canyon…so says the map of Arizona. There is also a newspaper clipping found on the internet…an image of an announcement stating that, along with another female born the same day, I was born to my parents: Richard and Therese Ketring.

My first memory? That would be in Gallup, NM where two of my sisters were born. I remember our family raising geese…I named mine Lucky. We had a very beautiful, loyal dog-part-riding horse (for me) named Jody who was my rescuer once from the “evil geese.” I remember a lot of sand, catching horny toads..and being told to beware snakes. Not sure…but it may have also been where i graduated kindergarten. I remember being dressed in a Navajo dress with my long blond hair coming down to at least the middle of my back…everyone else in my class were all native Navajo children..but it didn’t bother me in the least!


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