Day 20….A No Question Kind of Day…

Yeah, I’m already taking a break from my own happens. I think today I will focus my efforts in reading…reading what other people have wrote in my little writing challenge group….getting lost in my new book I just started last night—Mrs. Mike by Benedict and Nancy Freedman…read on how to succeed as a writer….

I feel challenged and stuck today. Perhaps it is because I don’t have the clothes I need to start orientation at my new job today…I mean really, if one doesn’t have any money generally they get a job. This job wants me to spend money/acquire a certain outfit BEFORE I can earn ANY money…/sigh I took care of a lot of “business” calls yesterday…a ton actually which gave me a real sense of pride.

Currently I am looking out into the backyard garden listening to some jazz and the birds and insects sing away. I saw a large butterfly…all gray except for a tip of blue at the bottom of his wing flit around the tall purple flowers and watched two large bumblebees dance and bump into each other, interrupting the butterfly.

I’ve been watching nature closely the last few days. The other day I decided to walk what turned out to be a little over four miles to the grocery store and back to get ingredients for pepperoni bread for my boyfriend and his family when they come back tomorrow. The only way to the store is down a busy highway called Waugh Chapel Road. There isn’t much room for pedestrians or bike riders for much of the way…until one comes to a memorial for two teenagers killed in about the same place perhaps three years apart. As I walked my slow pace against traffic, I saw some real beauty by the side of the road….flowers, vines, small gulleys..nothing like where I was raised.

Then I looked down further onto the dirt and concrete and saw ugliness lives here as well. Liquor and wine bottles in various shapes and sizes, condoms, a wide assortment of refuse from cars that don’t even notice what’s around them..their focus, instead, on destination…..private conversations….frustrations-worries-ANGER!-debt—-


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